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Kent Meyer is a native-English speaker and English Teacher from the United States. He has a Master’s of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from University of Missouri-Kansas City and two Bachelors’ degrees in both English and Education from Emporia State University, The Teacher’s College. He holds a current teaching certificate in English in the United States in the state of Kansas. Additionally, he has seven years of teaching experience at the secondary level, grades 8 through 12, working in both special needs classes for lower-level learners and advanced English and college preparation classes in literature and writing. He led a successful business career for seventeen years as a business owner managing real estate contracts. He is the owner and CEO of American English Tutoring Center based in The Netherlands, a part-time teacher at Berlitz Language Center in The Hague, and editor of the COS weekly bulletin.

Kent Meyer
Kent Meyer

Diplomas and certificates

University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2015, Master of Arts degree in TESOL - American English Tutoring Center
University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2015, Master of Arts degree in TESOL
Teaching license State of Kansas - American English Tutoring Center
Teaching license State of Kansas
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society at UMKC 2015 - American English Tutoring Center
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society at UMKC


"When I began, I was feeling comfortable in English but I knew I could improve my level of English. I took classes twice a week for six months. My confidence in speaking English has improved. My vocabulary and the use of English grammar has improved, as well. Kent is really a great teacher. He listens to his students and adapts his teaching to the student's needs. I have had a lot of intense and passionate exchanges with Kent, and I highly and strongly recommend him to others wanting to learn English."

Brice Faravel
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